Post-Inquiry Report Published Supporting a World Class Hotel at the Old Royal High School, Edinburgh

A detailed report supporting the case for bringing the world class Rosewood Hotel to the site of the Old Royal High School in Edinburgh has been published today (Monday 17th December).

Produced on behalf of developers Duddingston House Properties and Urbanist Hotels, the 90-page closing submission follows the month-long Scottish Government public inquiry into the proposed development which concluded in October 2018.

The full report can be viewed here.

The developers are appealing the decision by the City of Edinburgh Council to refuse planning permission and listed building consent for revised proposals to bring the Rosewood to the Royal High site. The developers are also challenging the initial council decision in December 2015 to refuse their first planning application and listed building consent.

The closing submission states that the evidence presented in the inquiry “clearly confirms that the (hotel) proposals are in full accordance with the (council’s) Development Plan – and that all other material considerations further support the proposals.” Further conclusions support the case for the hotel development, underpinned by two key reasons:

  • Both the proposed schemes are of “exceptional architectural quality” that will enhance the current site’s sense of place as a “positive destination”, with the hotel’s materials and overall design both supported by most stakeholders including Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS), the Government’s adviser of architecture and design.
  • The economic advantages for bringing a world-class hotel to Edinburgh – with latest research indicating that the development would support 840 jobs and increase the city’s economic output by £31.5 million each year – mean the proposals are in line with the council’s Development Plan and consistent with the Scottish Government’s national economic strategy.