Appeals Lodged – Public Inquiry Starts in September

Duddingston House Properties and Urbanist Hotels are appealing the decision by the City of Edinburgh Council in August 2017 to refuse planning permission and listed building consent for revised proposals to bring a Rosewood hotel to the site of the Old Royal High School, Edinburgh.

The co-developers are also appealing the initial council decision in December 2015 to refuse their first planning application and listed building consent.

David Orr, co-founder of Urbanist Hotels said: “We are progressing with the appeal because we are wholly committed to bringing a world-class hotel to the Old Royal High School site – in line with our contractual agreement with City of Edinburgh Council.

“We are confident that the appeals process will allow many of the complex technical issues raised with both previous planning applications to be considered thoroughly, with due consideration of the substance and detail of our proposals and the expertise of our teams. Put quite simply, it is the right forum to discuss such a complex and emotive issue.

“The appeal will provide the focus to present a large array of expert witnesses who agree with our scheme. We have chosen to bring these witnesses to the Inquiry because such an important building as the Old Royal High School deserves to have its destiny debated on the basis of solid facts and expertise rather than conjecture and emotion-fueled soundbites.