Investment Benefits

A detailed report carried out by Oxford Economics (February 2017) shows that, in total, the Rosewood Hotel Project is expected to bring the following investment opportunities to Edinburgh:

  • £75 million of initial investment for the construction of the hotel
  • generate £25.2 million per annum in GDP over an eight-year period (2018 to 2025)
  • support around 630 local jobs on average throughout that time

For Scotland as a whole, the Rosewood proposal is anticipated to generate £30.2 million in annual GDP, supporting an average of some 730 jobs throughout the period. The total contribution to Scottish GDP could therefore be around a third of the value to the Scottish economy of hosting the Ryder Cup – but with this value generated each and every year.

On average over the eight years, for every person employed on the project directly, a further 1.9 Edinburgh-based jobs could be supported by supply chain, employee spending and visitor spending effects. At the Scotland-wide level that ratio could be an additional 2.3 jobs for every project worker.

The hotel development will also generate £11.6 million of annual tax revenues over that period, sufficient to cover the wages of around 370 full-time nurses on average throughout the eight years.